Schneider Electric reaction on blog entry

[The press relations agency tapped by Schneider Electric Philippines Inc. sent an electronic mail seeking corrections on my previous entry titled "Schneider re-enters data center market." Am publishing the mail, with some editing, to wit:]
"Dear Dennis,
Thanks so much for accommodating my call and my request. As discussed on the phone, we would like to make the following corrections on your blog:
1. The …more appropriate title would be "APC by Schneider Electric strengthens their position in the data center market." APC [American Power Corp.] never left the data center market. APC however merged with MGE UPS and eventually the proper rebranding is "APC by Schneider Electric" – with Schneider Electric being the mother company of MGE UPS. The company should always be referred to as Schneider Electric because there is another company called Schneider – and more popularly known in the pen and writing equipment business.
2. Eastern Telecommunications is just among the recent data center case studies that agreed to a press announcement. As a proof point that this does not commence their re-entry into data center, they have also previously made joint announcements with RCBI, CIGI, and IP-Converge, among others.
3. We commend you for being resourceful and getting the SEC figures for Schneider Electric. However, just to clarify we would like to point out that the SE tag does not yet include APC, which is still under MGE tag. While your source maybe an official SEC paper, we think this should be pre-qualified since the announcement last Friday comes from Schneider Electric's IT Business Unit – or what we officially brand as "APC by Schneider Electric".
Perhaps not having the Schneider Electric Philippines financial figure in the article would be most appreciated since the business unit you are interested in is still undergoing the restructuring, which we are not privileged to access....if you would consider.
Again, many thanks for your continued support. We appreciate your taking time to attend our events, coming up with the most intelligent and challenging questions and for taking time to initiate your own researches.

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