Journalists with Kids

THERE are journalists who are good fathers. I am not one of them.

Fortunately, I was blessed with having a good wife and equally good daughters.

One of them is Katha Ma-I who we named after the land the natives called before the arrival of Spanish colonizers: May-i. Ergo, her name captures the creation of the land before colonization.

Our youngest, we named Ani Laya, which means “harvest of freedom” or “free harvest.” Laya, 7, is like her Ate Katha when the latter was at her age: always doodling and drawing.

We encourage them to wield a crayon, pencil, pen, on paper and walls since my wife and I believe doing so enhances not only their motor functions but also their creativity. Children can also best express how they feel when they doodle.

To commemorate Father’s Day, 2011, I thought of posting here some of Ani Laya’s drawings that, hopefully, she can look back years from now and forgive whatever misgivings I may have and may commit or omit as I perform my duties and responsibilities as a father and as a journalist.

A happy Father’s Day to all.