I DIDN'T know vampires are embedded in the Israeli culture. Until now, I guess.

However, this is just an assumption that blood-sucking creatures are rife in that country's celluloid fabric, based on the press release that a telenovela revolving on such theme has been sold to the Philippines.

According to distributor Dori Media Group, the Philippines is the first country in Asia to acquire the daily drama about a 15-year-old girl named Ella.

Ella, the statement goes, has been "drawn into the age-old conflict between vampires and humans."

"Her shocking revelation will force her to choose between her love for Omer, her human friend, and Leo the vampire."

However, Dori avoided naming the buyer of the show, except that it will be "aired on a free-to-air channel."

The statement said that since its launch nine months ago, "35 countries have acquired "Split" in its original version." since its launch 9 months ago.

"The drama will be aired dubbed or with subtitles. The second season is currently being shot in Israel and is targeted to go on air in the second quarter of this year.

The first season has 45 episodes with 30 minutes per episode. The show targets children and teenage audiences.

"Split" was originally produced exclusively for Israeli cable platform HOT's video-on-demand (VOD) service, the statement said.

Dori claims approximately a million households in Israel are subscribed to the cable service.

The group also claimed it was a "hit" in Israel, saying that "approximately 90% of viewers watched all available episodes".

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