WANT to have a bicycle like the one in the photo? How about five of them?

You only need to make them work for a lllooong time.

It will start with an idea, which I think should also show a passion for cycling and the environment.

If you have one, submit a project proposal to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Manila.

Called “Fiets on Earth, Bike the Planet” project, the Dutch embassy will award five Dutch Batavus bicycles to organizations that best propose how to use these bikes in “an environmentally sustainable manner and that prove capacity to maintain them for a long period of time.”

In a statement, the Dutch embassy said the project “seeks to raise awareness, capacities and knowledge-sharing (RACK) for popularizing bicycle use in Metro Manila.”

Who can apply?

* Filipino people’s organizations (POs) and non-government organizations (NGOs), including academe-based organizations and media groups.
* Juridical personality: registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or other government registration or accreditation body.
* At least three (3) members of the organization have registered with Firefly Brigade and will join the 18 April 2010 Tour of the Fireflies.
* Logistical capacity to receive and transport five (5) Dutch Batavus bicycles immediately after turnover ceremonies in the 18 April 2010 Tour of the Fireflies.
* Willingness to enter into an agreement with the Embassy ensuring the upkeep, safekeeping and non-private use of the bicycles.

General Criteria for Proposals:

The project proposed must clearly present the non-profit sustainable environmental advocacy and set of activities and strategies that utilizing the Dutch bicycles will highlight. (40%)
Broad community participation in the activities and how this could be achieved must also be integrated in the proposal. (30%)
A long-term maintenance and safekeeping plan for five (5) Dutch bicycles must form part of the proposal. (30%)

Other Requirements:

* Proposal must not be more than seven (7) pages, including cover sheet, organizational profile and attachments.
* Any font style may be used but font size must not be smaller than 12pt.
* One-page cover sheet must contain the following information: Project Title, Project Proponent/s, Contact Person/s and position/title in the organization, Mailing address, Telephone and mobile numbers/ Fax/ E-mail address, Brief project description (three to five sentences only), Project period

Organizational profile must contain the following information: Name of organization, Mailing address, Website, Registration details (SEC or other government registration or accreditation body), Related programs implemented in the past or in progress.

The Embassy says it encorages use of recycled paper.

Additional information:

The Embassy said the Dutch Bike grant will give 15 Dutch Batavus bicycles for this competition.

Dutch bike grantees will be announced in the program that immediately follows the 18 April 2010 Tour of the Fireflies at Tiendesitas in Pasig City.

Proposals may be submitted through e-mail ( or regular mail and must be received by the Netherlands Embassy by or before 12 noon of April 9, 2010 (Friday).

Proposals sent via regular mail should be addressed to:

Fiets on Earth Bike the Planet
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
26th Floor, Equitable Bank Tower
8751 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City

Contact person: Ms. Tatine G. Faylona, Senior Political and Cultural Affairs Officer (Phone +63 2 786 6666)

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