God’s Love I Felt Through Mother B (Poem)

Mothers know best, the old adage is correct
Old and wise, gentle and kind, other than that she’s perfect
Though the years and time haven’t been as kind to us
Her demeanor and decisiveness, never she created a fuss
Everyone can stand and shout, “She made me feel important...
Rain, sleet, or searing heat; amid wealth and great want.”

Deign many times cash and confidence fell short I sought her
In times of troubles, always her homestead was I a bother!
Dennis, my name, she utters with words of assurance and comfort
I bet my fingers, toes and all can never match her worth

Be as it may her modesty abounds larger than life
A humility attested to by comrades, friends, and my wife
You can search over and yonder for such caring friend
Or wait centuries for such gift to fall from Heaven
Never can we again have such luck, following the trend
Ever can we only hope that one in a hundred seventy-seven
The chances a generation can be blessed, smiled upon by Allah,
As we are –loved and cared for by Mother Didi Bayoneta.

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