News: AT&T says to upgrade Asia-Pac undersea cable

AMERICAN communications holding company AT&T Inc. announced July 27 "the planned expansion of its network capacity for the Asia Pacific region through the upgrade of the APCN2, of which AT&T is part of the ownership group."

In a statement issued from Hong Kong, the company said "the fourfold rise in capacity in the dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) cable will increase the original design capacity from the existing 10Gb/s [gigabyte per second] DWDM to 40Gb/s expansion."

"This represents one of the world's large-scale upgrade of a major undersea cable network."

The statement explained that the existing APCN2 "is an undersea telecommunications network of cables that spans 19,000 kilometers and connects ten landing points across Asia Pacific, including in China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan."

"APCN2 is a key component of AT&T's global backbone and along with several other subsea cables in the Asia Pacific region. It provides high-speed bandwidth and helps enable the diversity needed to support meshing capabilities provided by the AT&T global network. The APCN2 is designed to provide connectivity with other major trans-oceanic cable networks linking the USA, Europe, Australia and other parts of Asia."

AT&T claims it "owns or leases capacity on more than 85 submarine cable systems, spanning more than 433,904 fiber-route miles around the globe, including several submarine cable routes that it uses to carry traffic between the Asia Pacific region and North America."

The company added that it plans to spend US$1 billion this year "as part of its overall 2010 global network investment to scale its delivery of applications, mobility and cloud services for global companies, to expand small business services within the United States and to continue extending its network globally."

The company said it expects the upgrade "to be completed by the second quarter of 2011."

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