Eleven possible reasons why passengers crowd at MRT train doors

1. They are or former security guards, fast-food crew, bell-hops, or valets assigned to guard or offer a greeting at an entrance. Maybe they are also afraid the door would get lost and they could be blamed. So they're really making sure the door won't get lost or stolen. Really.

2. They believe there's a prize for the best door guard or the first to step inside or outside the train door. The latter also belongs to the group of people who dashes toward the turnstile and be the first to slide in the magnetic card. Surprised at not getting a prize or being the first to do so, they will muster the same optimism for the next train ride.

3. They are claustrophobic and, hence, needs to be near a door opening and closing at regular intervals.

4. They either crave human touch or the press of flesh.

5. They have an urge to be first. In this case, first inside and first outside. Since there are stations where doors open on either side, this urge propels these persons to squeeze toward the left or right side of the train. They may also belong to the group in number 2.

6. They have a fascination for doors that open and shut automatically.

7. They either have an urge to be pushed or to push people, regardless of age or gender.

8. They are either pickpockets eyeing a quick exit or undercover agents wanting to nab pickpockets red-handed.

9.  They are either wary or lonely that they need to see the faces of people waiting for a ride. They either want to see a familiar face to warm their hearts or craft a good alibi. This group includes passengers wanting to make those still stuck behind the yellow platform line feel they're such losers. 

10. They're concerned with the train capacity as well as the comfort of fellow passengers so they block entry of more passengers, especially at the Cubao station between 7:30-9:30 a.m.

11. The train’s really a sardine can being passed off as a vehicle.

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