These are pages from the Metro Manila Transport, Land Use and Development Planning Project (MMetroplan) that architect Jun Palafox sent to journalists to point out government culpability in the flooding after typhoon Ondoy hit the metropolis.

The MMetroplan is a 1977 World Bank-funded study for the Department of Public Works, Transportation and Communications. It recommended that since Marikina Valley is prone to flooding, development there should have been strictly regulated.


  1. I am Sunny Pagaduan. I'm from one of the worst hit flooded area in Marikina during Ondoy. Immediately after the deluge, I organized the Samahan ng Mga Biktima Ni Ondoy.I'm interested in getting a complete copy of the MMetroplan Final Report Summary and Recommendation. Could you possibly email me the whole report. My email address if Thanks.

  2. Good day to you!

    I am doing a research on Ondoy and government urban planning. I would especially like to focus on the updates, if any, on this contorversial flood control project.

    Thank you so much!

  3. @adaengkantada Thanks for the comment. What I posted in my blog is what I got from architect Felino Palafox Jr. If you want the complete report, you may have to go to the University of the Philippines's School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP SURP) in Diliman campus. That's what I did when I wrote the story for my newspaper BusinessMirror. The librarians there are very helpful. There are three volumes of the report, each almost 2-inch thick. I think you can photocopy in the library at a peso per page. maybe you and sunny can discuss things since I see you're on the same plane. I don't know if there are newer versions of the plan but as far as I can gather, architect Palafox has submitted proposals to Malacanang under PGMA. Good luck and all the best!